Mountain Saddle Band – Heart Of A Cowboy

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews", Mountain Saddle Band - Heart Of A Cowboy

Mountain Saddle Band – Heart Of A Cowboy

The full name of the group may be Steve (or Stephen) Harrington (&) The Mountain Saddle Band. Various sources haven’t made up their minds, apparently. It even took some detective work to discover the album name!
Mountain Saddle Band - Heart Of A Cowboy
Cover CD Mountain Saddle Band – Heart Of A Cowboy
The harmony produced by this acoustic Western trio is warm and embracing. For those who seek it, on this CD there are three overtly religious tracks…musically the pick among them being “Mendin’ Fences.” Otherwise the album picks we’ll name are the opening poem set to music “Cowboy Dreams,” “Homestead That My Grandpa Used To Own,” “He’s An Old Cowboy” with modulations that make it particularly interesting melodically, and covers of “The Last Cattle Drive” and the Michael Burton’s old faithful, frequently-rendered “Night Rider’s Lament.”
The effect here is a classic one and there’s comfort in knowing some artists are out to carry on the tradition.. After all the Western harmony group is a mainstay of the genre harkening back to the Pioneer Trio, naturally. These guys aren’t trying for that level of interweaving vocal intricacy, but what they produce is certainly satisfying and almost certainly this release is an accurate representation of their onstage effect. Eleven tracks, recommended.
CD: (available through AMAZON)
– by Rick Huff


Mountain Saddle Band – Heart Of A Cowboy

Track list

1 – Cowboy Shuffle
2 – Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds
3 – Night Rider’s Lament
4 – Where I Want to Be
5 – Somebody Bigger Than You or I
6 – The Heart of a Cowboy
7 – Cowboy Dreams
8 – God Must Be a Cowboy
9 – Forty and Found
10 – Cowboy Dreamin’
11 – Together Trail
12 – I Dream of Riding Fast Horses
13 – He’s an Ol’ Cowboy


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