Love That Country Music Sep 23

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Love That Country Music Sep 23

Set List:
Cory Branan – O Charlene
Lilly Winwood – Keep It Spinning
David Jameson – Gone Like The Wind
Mariel Buckley – Let You Down
Cole Quest And The City Pickers – Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key
Red Letter Edition – New Road
Concrete Prairie – I Wish You Well
Mike Thomas – Adeline
Samuel James Taylor – Time May Dance
Motel Sundown – The Room
Porter Wayne – I’d Be A Fool
Kellie & the Kruze-o-matics – Leavin’ on Your Mind
Laura Benitez and the Heartache – Plaid Shirt
Deb Morrison – Convention
Mike and the Moonpies – That’s Life
Mark Abbott – Ridin’ Hidin’ Teardrops In My Heart

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Love That Country Music Sep 23

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