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La Noche Del Cazador #6

New Podcast ! La Noche Del Cazador #6 by Juanmi "The Hunter"

La Noche Del Cazador #6

La Noche Del Cazador #6
La Noche Del Cazador #6



Welcome back to «La Noche Del Cazador»

This episode of La Noche Del Cazador is dedicated to young artists and bands. I’m not talking about recently formed bands with veteran musicians, but rather artists who are mostly in their 20s and early 30s. On this show we can listen to:
* The Possums
* The Severed Limb
* Anna Dukke
* Jake Vaadeland
* Jason Starday
* Sarah Vista
* Johnny & Jolene
* Bodhi Corbett
* Sierra Ferrell
* The Televisionaries
* Les Greene with Televisionaries
* Missyfit (Bea and the Bees)
* The Sick Boys
* McKinley James
* Per Oydir
* The Tailspins
* At’s Roots & Ramblin’
* Erika & The Ravens
* The McCharmlys
The future of music is bright! Be sure to check out these talented young artists and bands. You might just discover your new favorite act!


La Noche Del Cazador #6

La Noche Del Cazador And More Podcast

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