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La Noche Del Cazador #5

New Podcast ! La Noche Del Cazador #5 by Juanmi "The Hunter"

La Noche Del Cazador #5

La Noche Del Cazador #5
La Noche Del Cazador #5

Welcome back to «La Noche Del Cazador»

Looks like things are running smoother with better equipment, many thanks to Mr. Kike Garcia Arroyo. I couldn’t have done it so quickly without his selfless help. So here’s the new episode of La Noche Del Cazador, now on Ivoox.
**In this episode you can listen to:**
* Lillian Briggs
* Perez Prado
* Carlos Mejuto
* Isaac Webb Trio
* Paul Anka
* Muvva Guitar Huba
* Hasil Adkins
* Little Stevie Wonder
* Jose Feliciano
* Carol Kaye
* Jesse Dayton
* Neil Sedaka
* The Rattlers
* Chick Lewis
* Nico Duportal
* The Velvet Candles
* Nick Lowe & The Straitjackets
As I always say, feel free to share it wherever and with whoever you want, any kind of dissemination is appreciated.


La Noche Del Cazador #5

La Noche Del Cazador And More Podcast



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