Hot Texas Swing Band – Gotta Move

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Hot Texas Swing Band - Gotta Move

Hot Texas Swing Band – Gotta Move
Hot Texas Swing Band - Gotta Move
Cover CD Hot Texas Swing Band – Gotta Move
Indeed they are “Hot,” they’re definitely a “Band,” they certainly are from “Texas,” but know ye that with this release (their sixth studio album) they prove “Swing” can also mean “swing in other directions!”
The promotional material lets us know the collection called “Gotta Move” was partly inspired by leader Alex Dormant’s two years of medical convalescence and rehab. A well-played mixed bag of styles has resulted. Some Dormant originals (with highly original lyrics) are Tejano derivatives (“Tex Mex Song,” “Rio Grande”), there’s Latin Jazz/Samba (“Yes Yes Yes”), Jazz/Blues (“Dog Eat Dog”), a
knock or two on Johnny Cash’s door (“Upon This Land,” “I’m A Runnin’”), there is some Honky Tonk/Western Swing (“Full Moon Full Heart & A Song,” “I Tell Ya,” “Yet To Come”), the title track “Gotta Move” boogies with the best and Johnny Gimbel’s languid instrumental “Gardenia Waltz” is nestled in among them!
Anyone making the mistake of trying to pigeonhole this release by genre will find it has more twists and turns than the Rio Grande. We’ll recommend it for the musically adventurous in particular, but even so you’ve “Gotta Move” any preconceived notions you may hold. Fourteen tracks total.


– by Rick Huff


Hot Texas Swing Band – Gotta Move

Track list

01 – Gotta Move
02 – Rio Grande
03 – Coyote Symphony
04 – Tex-Mex Song
05 – Gardenia Waltz
06 – Dog Eat Dog
07 – Upon This Land
08 – Full Moon, Full Heart & A Song
09 – I’m A Runnin’
10 – Old Soul
11 – Yes, Yes, Yes
12 – Two Innocent People
13 – I Tell Ya
14 – Yet To Come


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