Floyd Beard – Horse Tales and Cow Trails 2021

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Floyd Beard - Horse Tales and Cow Trails

Floyd Beard
Horse Tales and Cow Trails

It’s no big news that Colorado’s Floyd Beard is acknowledged as being one of the present-day grand masters of Cowboy Poetry. In a way the recorded Beard experience equates favorably with that of an engrossing audio book. He quite literally knows his subjects chapter and verse!

Each work in Beard’s newest collection of originals has a good point to make, but among the collection “picks” this time we’ll include the nicely rounded poetic education to be found in “The Carlsbad,” the first-person memory to treasure in “The Cavvy,” a Beard creation that has been covered before “Harley’s Last Parade,” the tall tales “A Dry Day” and “Reindeer Wrangler” and the pure portrait “The Drifting Cowpuncher.” By performing the one cover found in the collection (the Robert W. Service clssic “The Cremation Of Sam Magee”) Beard has filled a request. Who knew he accepted them??!

Beard’s rangy delivery adds the right stamp of authenticity to the proceedings. Thirteen tracks, recommended.

CD: $15 + $3 s/h from Floyd Beard, PO Box 124, Kim, CO 81049

– by Rick Huff


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