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New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Doug Figgs - Yellow Horse

Review CD Doug Figgs – Yellow Horse by Rick Huff

For his newest mellow acoustic release, Doug Figgs headed for Colorado to work with such talents as Butch Hause, Ernie Martinez, Gordon Burt and others. Likely no other Western songwriter has ever won the top writing award from three separate organizations with three different songs in the same year! That achievement gave Figgs his first IWMA Songwriter Of The Year Award, and there have been many awards since. But for all his songwriting and performance prowess, for my money he’s never better than when he writes about horses.

A professional farrier, trainer, breeder and observer, he knows the noble quadrupeds inside and out and conveys his appreciation with approachable clarity. Figgs’ title track is a stellar example. The focused sentryship (if you will) and the glint of sunlight off the hide of “The Yellow Horse” becomes a magical, near mythic event. Other picks include the frisky Figgs/Deanna McCall co-writes “Sacramentos” and the bilingual “Ways Of Another Time,” the perceptive “40 Acres And A Mule,” “The Grulla (groo-yah) Mare” and the Figgs/Mariam (The Cowboy Way) Funke song “You’re The One” with strong harmony work provided by Andi Weber.”

Twelve tracks, highly recommended.

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– by Rick Huff


Doug Figgs – Yellow Horse Track List

01 – Yellow Horse
02 – Sacramentos
03 – Forty Acres and a Mule
04 – The Grulla Mare
05 – Montana Skies
06 – When Thirty Was Old
07 – The World’s Gone Crazy
08 – Ride the Waves
09 -Horses Dogs and Kids
10 – You’re the One
11 – Ways of Another Time
12 – She Calls Me Daddy


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