Dan Robert Crow – Sidekicks and Saddlepals

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Dan Robert Crow - Sidekicks and Saddlepals

Dan Robert Crow – Sidekicks and Saddlepals, The press packet accompanying this seven song EP states that Dan Robert Crow is the alter ego of Dan Crow. Dan-without-the-Robert is famed for appearances on Nickelodeon, national tours and more, having also written and sung the theme for the Disney movie “Milo & Otis!” Whichever he chooses to be, gritty-voiced Crow couldn’t have found any better musical support for his Western songs than the exemplary Folk/Bluegrass group otherwise known as “The Hard Road Trio” and others brought aboard for this project! Leader Steve Smith also produced it.
By subject, Crow’s original Western songs are mostly historically inspired. “Snap Mary Snap” jauntily profiles the legendary Stagecoach Mary. “Law Dog Lament” has as its source the hunt for Billy The Kid by Pat Garrett. And a co-write (or “Crow-write?”) with John Wood “Bob Fitzsimmons” eerily introduces us to you-know-who. Crow’s title track “Sidekicks and Saddle Pals” elevates the second bananas to the heroic status usually reserved for the glittery B-Western icons. And “The Coffin Note” tells what is known about the suspicious 19th Century disappearance of the Fountains, a father and young son who ran afoul of the wrong people.

From lyrics to vocals to arrangements, there exists a jovial vintage feel to the proceedings that is most welcome. All seven songs could be called “picks” and we will call this one “a goodtimer” all the way. Highly recommended.
EP: $10 + $3 s/h from Dan Crow, 1003 Hess Terrace, Las Cruces, NM 88005 and do check out his site herelies.net while you’re at it!
– by Rick Huff


Dan Robert Crow – Sidekicks and Saddlepals

Bob Fitzsimmons
Sidekicks and Saddle Pals
Mt. Hank Williams
Rodeo Lady
Snap Mary Snap
The Coffin Note
Law Dog Lament


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