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“Cowboy Dan” Harrell – Seasons

In a past Western World Tour column, we profiled “Cowboy Dan’s Frontier,” the syndicated kids’ TV show and its congenial host Dan Harrell. Here, directly from the ranch in Do Wah Diddy, are some of the most popular songs this singing cowboy offers to make his points to the youngsters.
On his show, Cowboy Dan occasionally sings Western classics. For the most part, the subjects of Dan Harrell’s original songs aren’t specifically Western. But, episode by episode and song by song, he puts across elements of what we recognize as The Cowboy Code (or Golden Rule, if you prefer). He is a veteran of both the Texas and Nashville music scenes, so he knows how to create catchy, hook-laden songs to carry the how-to messages.
All are very well delivered and co-produced with Pat Flynn, but transcendent picks (life even beyond the kids context) include “Diggin’ In The Dirt,” “Hard Work,” “Talk Like You’re From The South,” “Not Today” and “Marry Me.” Highly recommended. Or, as Cowboy Dan would put it, “can I get a ‘yeeeee-haaaa?!!!’” Twelve tracks total.

CD: (check availability through googling Cowboy Dan’s Frontier or Dan Harrell)

– by Rick Huff



“Cowboy Dan” Harrell – Seasons

“Cowboy Dan” Harrell – Seasons

Track List

1. Diggin’ In The Dirt
2. Where Does The Yellow Corn Grow
3. Hard Work
4. Talk Like You’re From The South
5. Not Today
6. The Earthworm Song
7. Good News
8. Sing My Soybean Song
9. Put Some Veggie Tables On Your Table
10. Let Jesus Get His Own Dog
11. Cotton Farmer Blues
12. Marry Me



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