Chris Guenther – American Outlaw (Volume 2)

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Chris Guenther - American Outlaw (Volume 2)

Chris Guenther – American Outlaw (Volume 2)

For his eighth studio album, Washington state’s singing songwriting multi-instrumentalist Chris Guenther has continued the thinking and level of performance that sent his “Vol. 1” onto charts in 2022. It’s tastefully produced (including subtle sound texturing) and beautifully ‘executed’ (an apt term to use, considering the material)! And the participation of champion fiddler Katie Keller McManus is certainly a plus, as in “A+!!”
Guenther’s lyrics and poems are firmly rooted in what is known or claimed about his true west subjects, i.e., “Who Shot Johnny Ringo,” “The Life & Death of Elmer McCurdy,” “Harvey Logan” and “Tom Horn’s Epilogue”). Other picks include “Vigilante Code [3777],” “Let ‘R’ Rip” (about the psychotic Jim ‘Killer’ Miller) and the very chart-ready “Ode To The Cowtowns.”
Ten tracks total, very highly recommended.

CD: (available through & other online sources)

– by Rick Huff



Chris Guenther – American Outlaw (Volume 2)

Track List

1 – The Brave Line
2 – Who Shot Johnny Ringo?
3 – Vigilante Code (3777)
4 – The Life & Death of Elmer McCurdy
5 – Harvey Logan
6 – Let ‘r Rip
7 – Texas Devils
8 – Tom Horn’s Epilogue
9 – Son of the Morning Star
10 – Ode to the Cowtown


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