Chris Mortensen – Ride My Pony

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Chris Mortensen - Ride My Pony

Chris Mortensen
Ride My Pony

For Chris Mortensen’s newest effort, ten former bandmates and current friends “join” the Utah balladeer by means of Sire Studio and iPhone XR. The latter is in part a Covid-caused necessity, so the presence here of the first Western song I have encountered that deals with a Covid restriction seems additionally appropriate (“Clown Without A Rodeo”)!

On alternating tracks in support of Mortensen’s forthright vocals and his guitar, bass and harmonica work are acoustic and electric guitar, drums, banjo and dobro. Overall the result is a sparse, jam-like feel. If I were to name a pick track or two,. I would probably cite “Ridin’ High” and the novelty song
“I Wish I Was Sam Elliot.” Maybe I’d add “Ain’t Comin’ Back” in there, too.

Mortensen’s fans know what to expect from him, and I suspect they will feel they get enough of it here to satisfy. Sixteen tracks.

CD: Available for $15 ppd from Chris Mortensen, PO Box 405, Paradise, UT 84328

– by Rick Huff


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