Cecil Cravens – A Western Legacy

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Cecil Cravens - A Western Legacy

Cecil Cravens – A Western Legacy

Cecil Cravens - A Western Legacy
Cover CD Cecil Cravens – A Western Legacy
Version #1 of this collection was first issued in the late 90s, according to its creator Cecil Cravens. He sings all the parts (save for one track) and he was the fellow predominantly responsible for the full-harmony assemblage called the OK Chorale. In short, Western harmony has been a big part of his life.
In the new reissue he has trimmed back some content and fleshed-out some guitar work. It’s a mix of classics and originals, including some parodies with clever lyrics. At least one of them “Has Anybody Seen My Cow” (Gal) dates from the OK Chorale days, “Low Little Dogies” sends up “Glowworm” and he’s put lyrics to “Panhandle Rag!!” Other picks among the originals include “Pushin’ Horns To Kansas,” ”One More Day,” “Sing Me A Story” (w/Christy Little’s harmony work) and the yodel-inspired “She’s A Lady Too.” As cover picks we’ll name “Hold That Critter Down,” “Running Gun,” “Prairie Echoes,” “Blue Prairie” and “Ridin’ Home.”
All considered this is a big, mellow ride with a Western sound that isn’t heard as often these days as it once was. You might consider signing on! Twenty tracks, highly recommended.
CD: (contact Cecil Cravens through cecilcravens@yahoo.com or cowboycountrymagazine.com/)
– by Rick Huff


Cecil Cravens


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