Bob Thomas – The Moon

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Bob Thomas - The Moon

Bob Thomas – The Moon

Bob Thomas - The Moon
Cover CD Bob Thomas – The Moon
He’s baaaack, with Release #10 if my count is correct. Rustic-voiced Bob Thomas has put together another collection of originals and a couple of covers. Like Thomas’ CD title, his original lyrics once again physically describe their titular subjects, come to the end of what he wants to say about them and stop…pretty much that abruptly, occasionally seeming like it’s done in mid-sentence. Over the years it’s become a hallmark of his efforts.
Joining Thomas (vocals & rhythm guitar) this time around are daughter Erinn Rachelle (duets) and Gawain Matthews (lead guitar, bass, dobro & mandolin). As picks among the originals, we’ll name “The Girl” (about a girl) and “The Cowboy Code” (about guess what). Both covers are CD picks: Chris Smithers’ “Leave The Light On” and Dorsey Burnette’s “One X One.” Each brings an interesting Dylanesque poetic mystery to the proceedings.
Bob Thomas has been at it quite a few years now, certainly long enough to have developed a cadre of followers. They should find this CD a fitting addition to their Thomas collection. Ten tracks total.
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– by Rick Huff


Bob Thomas – The Moon

Track list

1 – Pay It Forward
2 – The Moon
3 – Time
4 – Stories
5 – Albuquerque
6 – I Can’t Take It Anymore
7 – The Girl
8 – The Cowboy Code
9 – Leave The Light On
10 – One X One


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