Bob Thomas – My Tree

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Bob Thomas – My Tree, One of Bob Thomas’ anthems really should be “My Way!” Across the course of nine releases now Thomas has forged ahead doing it “his way!” There is a certain Western precedent in it. The creators of early Cowboy songs were, in fact, early cowboys! For the most part they were anything but schooled songwriters let alone skilled singers. Arrangements and in some cases subject aside, Bob Thomas’ basic performance and construction effect is rustic.

Thomas’ people know he will hit his subjects head-on, say whatever however he wants to, and then stop without ceremony. There is some sophistication in the musical mountings. Even Gary Allegretto returns to provide harmonica for some tracks here.

If we were to name some picks, they would be “Day Dreaming” (done with Thomas’ daughter Erinn Rachelle) and “The Drift” or “The End.” And BTW his unusual hidden “Row Row Row Your Boat” signature is again present, placed at a distance behind “The End.” Should I have brought it up?? Ten tracks total.

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– by Rick Huff


Bob Thomas – My Tree

1 Heroes
2 The Rifle
3 The Drift
4 Why
5 My Tree
6 America
7 The Tale of Red
8 Daydreaming
9 Songwriter
10 The End


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