The Bellamy Brothers – Sugar Daddy

The song reached number one on the country charts on August 2, 1980, and remained on lists for 17 weeks, it would be the third number one in the Bellamy Brothers race of a total of 14.

Song written by David Bellamy, and interpreted by the duo The Bellamy Brothers, was realesed in January 1980, as first single of the album, You Could Get Crazy (Warner / Curb 1980), arrived at number one in lists country, the five of April 1980 ,remained on the list’s, eleven more weeks. He also reached the number two position in the Canadian charts.

Story behind the song:

The song itself was born in the parking lot of a Howard Johnson in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Bellamys were in town to do a radio interview on WIVK and the station was sending a limousine to pick them up. While waiting for the arrival of the limousine, they noticed that a boy and a girl were arguing in the parking lot. They had the hood of their car up, and they were trying to start the car. He said: “You know what you need is a new car” and she said sharply: “No, what I need is a sugar dad”.

Even if the car did not work, David picked up on that spark and the resulting song reached # 1 on the Billboard singles chart in the country on April 5, 1980, marking the second of ten hits on the charts. Of hits from the Bellamy Brothers. The # 1 hit of pop, “Let Your Love Flow”, in 1976.
To record this new album, The Bellamy Brothers, they returned to their roots in Florida, wanted to abandon the pop sound, and return to the country market, they wanted a band from their home state, and they remembered Ron & The Starfires, who played in clubs and dances all over the Sunshine State. The Bellamys, they asked them to join the project and they accepted and gave them all their support.

Miquel Batlle Garriga


The Bellamy Brothers – Sugar Daddy Lyrics

What you need is a sugar daddy
Diamond rings and a brand new caddy
Little things to help a girla make trough
What you need are satin pilows
Rivers flowin’ down like willows
What you need is me to love you
You are the kind of a woman
That likes to be on her own
It’s simple
Those times you need a man on that, love
You like the finer things
All my money can buy
I like the way your body sings
I love the fire in your eyes
What you need’
We could be a secret
Our own private affair
I would give the word to you
Just so you’d know that I care
If your friends should find out
If they tried to prowl
I’ll put your piedestal up so high
They wont dare to look down
What you need’



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