Swinging Country July 30

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL /Swinging Country July 30

Howdy Friends We’ll Swing right out with Steve Markwardt Then I’ll Welcome you in and Let you know about The Cowtown Jamboree August 26 @ The Historic National Hall Info at markwardtmusic.com Then I’ll spin tunes from Brayden Ryle, Lonnie Bartmess, & Curt Ryle who each will be a part of this eventalong with several other Clarksville Creative Sound Stars.
Next Up we hear from Kelly Spinks & Miles of Texas, Tommy Hooker, Carolyn Martin Music. Just a Fraction of the Artist that will be Performing @ The 2nd Annual Cowtown Birthplace of Western Swing Festival November 10, 11, & 12 Also @ The Historic National Hall Info @ birthplaceofwesternswing.com
Next Songs Recently World Radio Premiered on Swinging Country from Bobby Mackey & Claude Gray, Clinton Wayne Sturgeon, John White, Jake Blocker
Then Listen to Artist Appearing Becky Justice – Ford’s The Coyote Store Gail, TX A Double Spin from Sammy Kershaw, Neal McCoy, Jamie Richards.
Next up will be Jason Arnup, Kristi Kalyn, Cathy Jewell.
And Then Hear From Clinton Wayne Sturgeon, & Hallmark Chuck Cusimano who Appear Every Tuesday Evening RnR Event Center.com Springtown, Tx.
And Then Leading up to This Week’s MAIN EVENT Which will be A World Radio Single Premiere hear Tracy Lawarence, Darrel Singletary, George Strait And Then Bobby Mackey Introduces His World Radio Single Premiere Let Me Drink About It And I think you are going to like it I say that not only because I like it but in Conversation with Several Industry Professionals thus far seems ALL are in Agreement it’s a Rare Gem. Very unusual I’ve got to say for that to happen! Well A Great Drinking Song just Naturally call for more and A NEW Tune Also A Winner in my opinion From Tony Robbins which Immediately Reminded me of a Couple of other Drinking songs from Deryl Dodd, Dale Watson
Then Finishing the show out on An Inspirational Note we will hear from Keith Phillips, Zac Clifton, Cathy Jewell, Missy Dunaway
Pass this along to other Music Lovers freely. Don’t forget to Join Me on MY PERSONAL TIMELINE for SWING – BACK It’s For Chat Fun & Fellowship Post Relevant Pictures etc. Have Fun Along the way. And until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country July 30



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