Syd Masters – Cabin Songs

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Syd Masters - Cabin Songs

Syd Masters – Cabin Songs

Once again Syd Masters has gone about proving some things. Things like “practice pays.” And forced meditative exile is productively healthy. And you can actually forge a career in Western Music if you are your own storefront.
Syd Masters - Cabin Songs
Cover CD Syd Masters – Cabin Songs
As a songwriter, Syd has a valuable ability to create immediately engaging works that also contain creative intricacies that help keep them fresh. For this collection he retreated to an isolated northern New Mexico cabin and…wait for it…came up with “Cabin Songs!” Nine of ‘em! Fine ones!! Picks among them include “High Country Trail,” the swinging “That’s The Country Life,” the wild parody of tall tales “Bobcat To Cimarron,” a hilariously frank mutual appraisal song “The Things We Overlook For Love” (with former ‘Buckarette’ Katie Gill) and “The Old Log Cabin” (although it’s pretty close to Gary McMahan’s “Old Double Diamond” in construction). Cover picks from his CD’s “Campfire” section: “Running Gun,” “Navajo Trail” and “Goin’ Back To Texas.”
Syd’s backup includes members of his rotating Swing Riders cast. A very enjoyable collection of fourteen tracks. Highly recommended.
– by Rick Huff


Syd Masters – Cabin Songs

Track list

1 – High Country Trail
2 – South of the Line
3 – That’s the Country Life
4 – By the Length of a Circle
5 – Bobcat to Cimarron
6 – Cowboy Afterlife
7 – Keep the Good
8 – The Things We Overlook for Love
9 – The Old Log Cabin
10 – Running Gun
11 – Navajo Trail
12 – Goin’ Back to Texas
13 – Birmingham Jail
14 – Church Street Blues


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