Swinging Country September 24

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL /Swinging Country September 24

SWINGING COUNTRY WITH SPECIAL GUEST Scott Southworth With a Very Unique World Radio Premiere!!! And Also Mary Minter Director of The CMA Of Texas! Read on for details.
Howdy Friends Show starts out Swinging The Band Ida Red Featuring Rose Sinclair & Sophia Johnson.
I’ll Welcome you in then a couple more Western Swing tunes from Bobby Mackey, Bret Raper. ALL the songs thus far picked up at NDX. The Next Round comes from Artist Coming to Becky Justice – Ford’s Coyote Country Store in Gail TX. We’ll be listening to Johnny Lee, Gene Watson, David Frizzell.
Next Up My Spotlight Featured Artist With a great song from his last CD Scott Southworth then he and I will Visit pay Attention as we discuss the Song being World Radio Premiered on this episode Featuring SEVEN Independent Artist from SEVEN Countries on ONE Song!!! It’s Called Country No Matter What Country After Premiere Scott and I will visit some more and close out that segment with another of his.
Next We’ll have NEW Songs to Swinging Country starting with Sammy Sadler sent from Randy Hayford Twang Thang. A New Release from Clint A Bradley from Finland, Then one from Peggie Nora out of Canada.
Then in promotion of Rnr Eventmgr / RnR Event Center Clinton Wayne Sturgeon, Chuck Cusimano
Followed by Music from CMA Of Texas Award Winners 2022 Jake Hooker and the Outsiders, SPUR 327 Band, Kin Faux, Cathy Jewell, Bernie Nelson. Then CMA Of Texas Mary Minter will join me to Discuss the 2022 and 2023 Award Winners and Shows Darryl Holland’s Cactus Theater Lubbock TX. October 18 and !9th. Then I’ll Play as many of the 2023 Award Recipients as I can Squeeze in. Jason Roberts, Steve Markwardt, Lance Shaw, Rex Mayfield, Shelly Wallace 419 Swing Band. Vanessa Bourne, R.S. Vandiver, Jasmine Mcdonald & Brayden Ryle, Lucy Dean Record. SO Much More I wanted to Play but time’s up! Don’t forget to Join me on My Personal Timeline During Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK for Chat fun & fellowship Pictures Ya Never Know What to Expect!!!
10:AM – 12:PM Central USA @ KSSLFM.COM
Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—-


Swinging Country September 24



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