Swinging Country September 09

New Podcast ! Swinging Country September 09 DJ Billy Bowles

Swinging Country September 09

10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM

Howdy Y’all there are a Lot of Great Events going on this weekend so I had to Make certain this is an Episode everyone will want to hear 🙂 Be it original Broadcast, Rebroadcast or Podcast 🙂
Swinging right out with Steve Markwardt. First Grouping has Tommy Thomsen Group, Cowboy Joe Babcock, Kristyn Meador/ Kristyn Harris. And Bought to you by Kylitos Salsa
Next up NEW Music to Swinging Country Bought to you by NDX
starting with A World Radio Single Premiere from Joy Adams Recording Artist & Radio Personality from New Zealand, A New Recording from Bobby Mackey, EV Mae, Brayden Ryle’s Fan Club.
Then Becky Justice – Ford & The Coyote Store Bring you Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Bobby Marquez, Exile, Ronnie McDowell.
Jonathan Gray R – Shop Brings You W.G. Banister/ Will. Jody Nix, Kelly Spinks & Miles of Texas.
Followed by Dan Rumer & Fayette Financial Bringing us Jenni Lyn, Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers, Dennis Paul Ledbetter.
The Next Tunes You Dancers Best have your Dancing Boot on & Partner ready 🙂 With Texas Dance Hall Favorites coming from Coby Carter, Hoyle Nix, Al Dean X 2 Followed up by 3 Waltz’s from John White, Carolyn Martin Music, Joe Ely.
Folled up by Honky Tonk Music From R.S. Vandiver / Shane & The Nightlife. Donna Overbey / Dee Jee Overby. Elizabeth-Justin Trevino.
Finishing out with Cathy Jewell, Lonnie Spiker then Lonnie & Cathy with A Duo.
It’s a Solid Packed Two Hours Sure to Please I think.
Don’t forget to join us on My Personal Timeline During the Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK it’s For YOU to Sound Off Chat Make Friends that Means PARTICIPATE 🙂 Until then My God Bless You and Yours. Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country September 09



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