Swinging Country September 04

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy everybody this week Swinging Country has a Lot of Information & News so as Always I stress have Pen and Paper ready for Notes you need. This Week Includes A World Radio Premiere from The Tall Texan Claude Gray and Anita Mackey Hint it’s a Song First released by Claude many Years ago and has been a Hit for several over the years this time as a Duet!!! Events News and much more.
First I’ll Welcome you in and then a Grouping of three Songs that Tell of The Birth, Origins and History of Western Swing from
Rick Norcross And The ALL Star Ramblers Western Swing Band
Steve Markwardt
Jody Nix And The Texas Cowboys
Followed by Artist Appearing at The Coyote Country Store in Gail Texas still this season
Bellamy Brothers X 2
Neal McCoy
Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
2 Country 4 Nashville
Will Banister
Next comes
Curt Ryle
Jasmine McDonald
Vanessa Bourne
Next will be New Music to Swinging Country
Jim Stricklin
Tommy Alverson
Erin Hay & Julie Taylor
Then a very Interesting Pairing The First Original Recording of Amarillo By Morning from Terry Bullard and a Follow Up I Finally Made Amarillo with partial story.
And Then switching gears a Song each I recently World Radio Premiered on Swinging Country coming from Anita Mackey – Bobby Mackey after which they will join me by Phone for A Great 2 Part Visit and In between the World Radio Premiere from Claude Gray and Anita Mackey, And then comes my Two Most recent Bobby Mackey Premiers and one from Claude Gray
Onward we are looking forward to the Back The Blue Event in Lubbock, TX Sept 19 Benefitting Fallen Officer who was Murdered Josh Bartlett’s Family and Officer Shawn Wilson’s Family that was Critically wounded in the Same Incident in July. ALL Money Raised goes to the Families. We will hear music from Artist performing at this event
Jordan Robert Kirk Band
Gary Nix and West Texas
Cathy Jewell
And the Event Theme song coming to us from James Darden from Slap Out Alabama.
And time for one more tune from Tayla Lynn Loretta Lynn’s Grandaughter & Tony Booth Duet
As always Please share this post with every one you can Especially those Poor Brainwashed Individuals who Truly think Country Music is Dead get them to listen to my Shows and other shows that are Playing Authentic REAL Traditional Country Music. Join US on SWING – BACK During the Initial Broadcast on My Personal Timeline for Fun Conversation Fellowship etc. Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—



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