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Swinging Country September 16

Swinging Country September 16 10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM Howdy Y'all...
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New Podcast ! Swinging Country September 02 DJ Billy Bowles



Swinging Country September 02

10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM

HOWDY To ALL Y’ALL Get ready for another Jam Packed Slick & Polished Episode this week Including A World Radio Album Premiere Coming from Johnny Angel New Orleans LA. Titled Long Days, Short Pay I think most of us can relate to that! We Swing Out the Chute with Brady Bowen & Swing Country Featuring Jody Nix on the Vocal.
My First Grouping has Billy Mata, Garry Ash, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano.
Next we have Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Exile.
Then a Bit of a Theme Grouping featuring New on Swinging Country Bailey Rae, Brad Howard, Barbra Mandrell.
Next Up it’s Zac Clifton, Jenni Lyn Rumer, Bobby Flores.
Billy Bowles
Billy Bowles
From NDX Betsy Nelson Herrell, Linda Burton, Joy Adams.
And the The World Radio Album Premiere from Johnny Angel and Helldorodo Begins Featuring Seven Cuts from The About to be released CD Long Days Short Pay. Which Features Three Short Stories from Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Ron Hotstream, @Adam Haines and Four New Songs ALL Written by Johnny Angel.
Next we have the Monthly Edition of The Veterans View with Ray Mefford. Sadly Ray had to do this one from his Hospital Bed and Isn’t what he had Hoped to do but great Information none the less. Followed by A cut form The CD Produced for The V from Erin York.
And as We Enjoy & Celebrate “For Now Anyway” An American Holiday Labor Day We Close out on a Patriotic note with Junior Knight on the Steel with The Armed Forces Medley, and then Bobby Flores with America The Beautiful.
Feel Free to Share this post and as Brent Adams Says Bring along a Friend! Don’t forget to Join Us During The Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK Your Place to Sound Off Comment Ask Questions Post Pictures etc. Find it on My Personal Timeline Billy Bowles and until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country September 02




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