Swinging Country October 08

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL /Swinging Country October 08

Howdy Friends Swinging right out with Cowboy Joe Babcock & Trail Jazz. Then I’ll welcome you in my first grouping includes Steve Markwardt, Keith Phillips, Carlos Washington, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano ALL The preceding from NDX.
Next Two Anniversaries In One to be Celebrated Tuesday October 11 @ RnR Event Center Springtown TX. Rnr Eventmgr with another from Chuck Cusimano & A Double Shot from Clinton Wayne Sturgeon. Big News! Then I’m Dedicating one to our Friend Caesar Ozuna from Joni Harms. Then We’ll go back with one from Marty Robbins, followed by a recent recording from Billy Mata.

Then there are Two More Big Shows left this Season Becky Justice – Ford’s The Coyote Store Gail, TX. We’ll hear songs from T.G. Sheppard, Johnny Lee, Cathy Jewell, Gene Watson, Bellamy Brothers, David Frizzell.

Next Starts My Memorial Tribute to Bobby Flores First song dedicated out to Pat Matthies. I’ll share Details on Bobby’s Public Celebration of Life Memorial Tribute Sunday October 9 in San Antonio TX. Followed by Two more from Bobby.
Then another Memorial Tribute for a True Icon that passed away this week Loretta Lynn through several of her Great Recordings.

Then We’ll lighten the mood a bit with some Good Ole Boy type Novelty songs coming from Wayne Kemp, Ray Charles & George Jones, Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley.

Last Sunday October 2 Would have been Leon Rausch 95th Birthday of a couple of things I assured Leon of as long as I have a Radio Show his Music would certainly Live on and I’m Spinning a Couple of his Recordings off his Gospel CD.
And Closing the show out with Two Instrumentals from Bobby Flores & The Yellow Rose Band

Don’t forget to join us on MY Personal Timeline for SWING – BACK as you listen to Inital Broadcast. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country October 08



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