Swinging Country November 26

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

This weeks Episode begins with thoughts & memories from the recenrecent Cowtown Birthplace of Western Swing Festival the first grouping comes from The Quebe Sisters, Bobby Flores & The Yellow Rose Band, Elizabeth-Justin Trevino, Jake Hooker and The Outsiders, Tommy Hooker.
Swinging Country November 26
Swinging Country November 26
Remembering our second day which was Veterans Day I’ll be Spinning tues from Kelly Spinks, Cathy Jewell, Steve Markwardt, Jody Nix.
And in remembering our closing day I’ll play songs from JD Barham & Cowjazz, Jason Roberts, Billy Mata and The Texas Tradition.
Next up is NDX Corner featuring music from Vernon Huskey, @David Curtis, Vanessa Bourne.
THEN THIS WEEKS SPOTLIGHT’S on The Rnr Eventmgr / RnR Event Center with Special Guest Randy Geisler and Dan Ristow with a very interesting and informative Visit and the RnR Event Center! Followed by tune’s from Hallmark Chuck Cusimano and one from Clinton Wayne Sturgeon.

My next theme has originals from Curt Ryle, Johnny Angel, Donna Richard Lynch, Dennis Paul Ledbetter.
And then Introducing to Swinging Country Young Western Sensation Phoebe White. I’m sending out to Jim Stephens because he Loves Yodeling Cowgirls!
Next Special Recognition goes out to Margie Singleton, The Late Bobby Flores, Bobby Mackey.
Finishing out with my first Grouping of Christmas Tunes from Chuck Cusimano, Steve Markwardt, Peggie Nora.
I Hope everyone here in the USA Had a Blessed Thanksgiving. And I Hope you enjoy this episode. Everyone Travel Safe and Keep Swinging Country—-


Swinging Country November 26

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