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New Podcast ! Swinging Country August 19 DJ Billy Bowles



SWING POST OFFICIAL – Swinging Country August 19

10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM

Howdy Y’all ya don’t want to miss this episode FULL of Incredible Music! Billy Mata and The Texas Tradition Will Swing the Gates Open! Followed by Bobby Mackey, Chuck Cusimano, Steve Markwardt. ALL Picked up @ NDX
Next Grouping will be Becky Justice – Ford’s The Coyote Store in Gail TX. Saturday Night August 19 I’ll have a Double Shot from W.G. Banister / Will Banister. 1 From Darrell McCall, 1 From Mona Vary Mccall & 1 From Darrell & Mona Duet. Followed by a Double Shot from Ricky Skaggs.
A Triple Spin from Gill Prather.
Next Five songs I’ll spin Twice each First the Original Male Artist Second being a Cover many years later from a Female Artist with each being an Outstanding recording in My opinion as follows.
Marty Robbins / Olivia Morgayne
Stonewall Jackson / Myra Leffel Rolen
Bill Anderson / Janice L. Maynard
Merle Haggard / Cathy Jewell
Chuck Cusimano / Lisa Layne Stewart
Followed by Three Classic Waltzes
Farron Young, Ernest Tubb, T.G. Sheppard
Next will be a little tribute to The Hag from @Venessa Bourne ,Bobby Mackey, Joni Harms
Closing it out with A Song from Billy Mata followed by Rest of The Story type Poem from Kathy Moss
I’m not Sure if I’ll be avaliable for SWING – BACK this week or not as of yet I’m going out of town. Check & see. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country August 19




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