Marci Broyhill – White Horse Dream – A True Story

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Marci Broyhill - White Horse Dream - A True Story [book]

Marci Broyhill
“White Horse Dream – A True Story” [book]
ISBN 978-1-7333876-2-0

It was in her book “Nebraska’s Outlaw Trails” that I first came across poet/presenter/historian Marci Broyhill’s account of her state’s famous equine entertainment dynasty. I thought at the time it could be made into something bigger. Obviously Broyhill was thinking likewise. Now it’s 13” by 8 1/2”!! Seriously her decision to expand her poem into a young person’s picture book was a smart one.

From its genesis to its legacy, Broyhill tells in verse, text and historic photos the intriguing story of the White Horse Ranch and its dynamic performing troupe. Twin brothers Caleb and Hudson Thompson’s dream of owning a pure white horse was realized in 1917 with the $300 purchase of Old King. This foundation sire enabled a remuda of more than 100 progeny to come, a trick riding team and an equestrian school for the young to emerge….every horse, ranch building and vehicle a snowy white!
Maybe this book will help to alert a new generation to a type of Western entertainment they never knew existed….and possibly, in the case of urban kids, aboard a creature they never knew existed!!!

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– by Rick Huff


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