La Noche Del Cazador #1

New Podcast ! La Noche Del Cazador #1 by Juanmi "The Hunter"

La Noche Del Cazador #1

La Noche Del Cazador #1
La Noche Del Cazador #1

Welcome back to «La Noche Del Cazador»

This first podcast marks the return of the show after a 16-year hiatus. After much consideration and a few failed attempts to get back on the airwaves, I’ve decided to bring it back as a podcast. This first episode was recorded in 2023, so you may notice a few things that sound a bit out of place.
In this episode, you’ll hear music from:
Alan Cassaro
Linda Gail Lewis
The Everly Brothers
Larry Trider
Trevor Lake
Dry Riverbed Trio
Don Cavalli
Flamingo Tours
Bill Vaughn
Chris Farlow & The Thunderbirds
Johnny Copeland
Full Time Fools
Jay & The Americans
I hope you enjoy the show!


La Noche Del Cazador #1

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