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New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Kimberly Kaye - Circle Back



Kimberly Kaye – Circle Back

Here is a Country & Western songwriter and performer who had focused on poetry earlier on and wisely decided to give her lines fresh airings following a trip to the 2021 Old West Days in Valentine, Nebraska. See how that stuff happens??
Kimberly Kaye - Circle Back
Cover CD Kimberly Kaye – Circle Back
Listening to Kimberly Kaye deliver her verse on this album is easy on the ears. By that we mean she has either a practiced or an instinctive understanding that she is working in a one-to-one medium.
Picks in this collection include the near mystical “Dog Grazin’,” sublime justice soon to be dealt in “Unwanted Advice,” “The Boss When The Boss Is Gone,” a life lesson that can be applied to many situations “Incessant Chatter Matters,” “Enchanted Grove,” “The Bull Heeler Waltz” and “That Paint Colt.”
As a poet Kaye’s style seems to be to get in and get out. Most of the works in this collection are brief, clear ventures into a vision resulting in a worthwhile point getting made before we exit. What more can be asked?! Fourteen tracks, recommended.

CD: (information not immediately available, but an expanded print version is offered on Apple Music)

by Rick Huff



Kimberly Kaye – Circle Back

Kimberly Kaye – Circle Back

Track List

1 – Unwanted Advice
2 – Dog Gazing
3 – Never Tell
4 – Sippin’ Tea
5 – The Boss When the Boss Is Gone
6 – Enchanted Grove
7 – Incessant Chatter Matters
8 – The Bull Heeler Waltz
9 – Adventures with Bob
10 – My Best Years
11 – That Paint Colt
12 – Coveralls & Cattle
13 – She Is Me
14 – Divine Prairie Talk



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