KG & The Ranger – Saturday Matinee

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KG & The Ranger – Saturday Matinee, Karen Gogolick and Rick Roltgen understand that issuing a collection of predominantly classic songs doesn’t necessarily mean “same old-same old!”
KG & The Ranger - Saturday Matinee
Cover CD KG & The Ranger – Saturday Matinee
To be sure some songs are instantly familiar, e.g., “My Adobe Hacienda,” “Ridin’ Down The Canyon,” “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” and the like. But points of extra interest here include Folk icon Bill Staines’ “Sweet Wyoming Home,” a Patsy Montana favorite from back in the day “Shine On Rocky Mountain Moonlight (penned by Louis Herscher), an original Patsy track “Old Nevada Moon” and Powder River Jack Lee’s “Powder River Let ‘Er Buck.” The CD leads off with the duo’s novel take of Perry Botkin & Raymond Allen’s “Which Way’d They Go” dating from 1947. The late Nancy Thorwardson’s “Jingle Bobs” puts in a fun appearance as well. An example of a Classic To Be!
KG & The Ranger have been harmonious favorites with (I)WMA audiences since the organization’s earliest days. Their newest release proves they’ve still got it, and they’ve also got Angela Otte (harmony vocals) and Suzanne Lansford (fiddle) on board. Seventeen tracks, recommended.

CD: (available through or by calling (608) 222-4084.

– by Rick Huff



KG and The Ranger – Moonlight on the Trail

KG & The Ranger – Saturday Matinee
Track List

Moonlight On The Trail
Lonely Yukon Stars
When the Bloom Is On The Sage
Letter From Home
Young Lean and Seventeen
Night Rider’s Lament
Colorado Trail
Night Time In Nevada
Sandy River Belle/Old Bill Cheatham
Bad Girl’s Lament/The Quilting
Arizona Waltz
Another Cowboy Song
When Pay Day Rolls Around
Sundown On The Prairie
Born To The Saddle


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