K. C. LaCourse – The Journey (of life thru western poetry)

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ",  K. C. LaCourse - The Journey (of life thru western poetry)

K. C. LaCourse possesses an animated, rangy delivery that works well to put across her words, and they are words that have a dang good reason to be in the order LaCourse has placed them! Her works in this collection are inspired by attributes of friends, history, rodeo and more. And in a move I have not encountered before, she has provided photographic illustrations of each inspiration beside the notes for its poem.

The musical bridges chosen are effective elements, provided by Brooks Wallace Deaton (fiddle) and Lioncio Saenz (trumpet on “The Alamo”). They were likely overseen by skilled producer Aarom Meador. Picks: the portrait of loving dedication “A Remarkable Pair” about Annie Oakley and Frank Butler, the truth of “Born Too Late,” the surprise of “Legend Of The Blue & Gold Bandana,” the award-winning “Riders Draw,” a revealing account “Truth v Myth,” “The Last Stand” and “The Wait.” LaCourse closes with an alternate mix of one poem about her friend Dawn Anita. In its second appearance, “Oklahoma Strong” is mastered with the late singer’s familiar voice underneath.

Twenty-one tracks, recommended.

CD: (contact kclacourse@gmail.com)

– by Rick Huff


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