Hank Williams IV – Honky Tonk Habit

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Hank Williams IV - Honky Tonk Habit [EP]

Hank Williams IV – Honky Tonk Habit [EP]

Jordan Stern’s Lone Star Reserve Records has released an EP from Hank Williams IV (aka Ricky Fitzgerald, HW Sr.’s great grandson) called “Honky Tonk Habit.” The label’s mission is the celebration of “traditional Country & Western.” With that in mind, Fitzgerald’s title song (produced with bar crowd effects and released as a single) includes “a cowgirl cutie feeding (him) tequila and limes” and “living out cowboy dreams” to a Western Swing beat, so there! Another ‘Swinger’ from this artist is drawn from Hank Sr.’s dad who once claimed he was “Workin’ From Can Til Cain’t!” The singer’s voice does evoke elements of his Great Gramps & Gramps on those songs and the remaining ones “Wrong Side Of Town,” “Leave Her Alone” and “Hank Williams’ Ghost.”
Labelmeister Stern is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer who provides vocal harmony; rhythm, steel & lap steel guitars; electric & upright bass and drum support of Fitzgerald/Williams IV’s lead vocal and guitar along with session engineer Brandon Padier (vocal harmony & lead guitar) and Richard Helsley (fiddle). It’s an enjoyable package, and hopefully portends more to come.
Five tracks total, recommended.



Hank Williams IV – Honky Tonk Habit

Track List List:

1.) Honky Tonk Habit
2.) The Wrong Side of Town
3.) Workin’ from Can ’til Cain’t
4.) Leave Her Alone
5.) Hank Williams’ Ghost


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