Gabrielle Gore – I See You

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Gabrielle Gore - I See You

Gabrielle Gore
I See You

There was a time in Western Music history when songs that mixed love matters and Cowboy doings (other than lusty admiration of Wrangler butts) were basically nonexistent. One of the only prominent exceptions to the rule was the Vaughan Horton standard “Ridin’ Hidin’ Teardrops In My Heart.” But in 18-year old Gabrielle Gore, we might have a burgeoning songwriter who will change the equation.

A number of the strong songs on Gore’s Country-styled premiere release are co-writes with her able producer and songwriting mentor Royal Wade Kimes, who puts in an uncredited appearance on the CD closer called “The Owner.” Album picks here include the Spanish-tinged title track “I See You,” the gentle waltz “Saddle The Wind,” “Arizona Skies,” the rodeo song “He’s My Hero” and a take-that attitude song “Style.”

Some previous Country releases with Western content almost seem to apologetically let the Country content usher in the Cowboy, apparently assuming Western radio DJs will find it and the Country folks won’t mind it. It’s a situation that generally causes a subject segregation, making such CDs musical Half & Half. With Gabrielle Gore’s “I See You,” vocally and technically the blend is cream. Ten tracks, recommended.

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– by Rick Huff

Track List
1.Arizona Skies
2.I See You
4.He’s My Hero
5.Saddle the Wind
6.My Mustang
7.I Was Wrong
8.Who Knows
9.Symbols of Freedom
10.The Owner


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