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Although it was never a hit on the American singles charts, it remains one of the most recognizable. The song was included in Charley's third studio album, The Country Way (RCA 1967)



“Crystal Chandelier”, a song written by Ted Harris, was first recorded by Carl Belew for the RCA Victor label, in June 1965, and released in July 1965, the song reached # 12 on the charts of US Hot Country Songs.
The version that popularized the song was the one recorded by Charley Pride, for the RCA label, on July 31, 1967, at RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN, in the same session, they were also recorded: “Life turned her that way “, and,” The day the world stood still “, in this session Charley was accompanied by: Jack Clement (guitar), Harold Bradley (guitar), Jerry Hubbard (guitar), Lloyd Green (steel), Junior Huskey (bass), Jerry Carrigan (drums) and Hargus Robbins (piano). With the production of Chet Atkins, Jack Clement and Felton Jarvis. Although it was never a hit on the American singles charts, it remains one of the most recognizable and enduring versions of the song.
The song was included in Charley’s third studio album, The Country Way (RCA 1967), the album was released in December 1967, on May 18, 1968, reached number # 1 of the US Top Country Albums charts, and remained a total of 42 weeks in the charts. The album was certified gold in the USA. This album would then become his number-one selling album of all time.

Some versions:
Carl Belew 1965 (RCA Victor)
Vic Dana 1965 (Dolton Records)
Stu Phillips 1966 (RCA)
Roy Drusky 1966 (Mercury)
Warner Mack 1968 (Decca)
Mac Wiseman 1970 (RCA Victor)
Louis Armstrong 1970 (Avco Embassy)
Nat Stuckey 1973 (RCA)
Bobby G. Rice 1974 (GRT Records)
Troy Cassar-Daley 2013 (Sony Music)

Miquel Batlle Garriga

Charley Pride – Crystal Chandeliers Lyrics
Oh the crystal chandeliers light up the paintings on your wall
The marble statuettes are standing stately in the hall
But will the timely crowd that has you laughing loud help you dry your tears
When the new wears off of your crystal chandeliers
I never did fit in too well with the folks you knew
And it’s plain to see that the likes of me don’t fit with you
So you traded me for the gaiety of the well to do
And you turned away from the love I offered you
Oh the crystal chandeliers…
I see your picture in the news most every day
You’re the chosen girl of the social world so the stories say
But a paper smile only lasts a while then it fades away
And the love we knew will come home to you some day
Oh the crystal chandeliers…
When the new wears off of your crystal chandeliers




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