Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing – Party On Piedre Lumbre

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ",  Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing - Party On Piedre Lumbre

Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing – Party On Piedre Lumbre, In song we’ve heard about fanciful hoedowns conducted under desert stars (and tucked away from prying eyes) by everything from critters to cactus! In Carlos Washington’s swinging creation, it’s spirits who are getting spirited high atop a storied New Mexico mesa.

Well known in the Land Of Enchantment is the longtime spiritual retreat Ghost Ranch. It’s greatest fame may have come due to the prominent residency of artist Georgia O’Keefe who lived and painted nearby. Its light hasn’t diminished from legendary actress and seeker Shirley Maclaine having looked down upon it from her hillside estate! A feature of the dramatic mountain bluff that shelters it is the Piedre Lumbre (or “shining rock”).

The song is wonderfully put together by vocalist/executive producer/arranger/former rodeo rider Washington, producer Ernie Martinez and nine other top players including Hailey Sandoz (fiddle) and Tom Broderick (steel). Definitely recommended! You won’t have more fun playing in your “swing” than this!!

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– by Rick Huff


Our new song Party on Piedra Lumbre is a story or tale of long ago

The Piedra Lumbre also know as “ Shining Rock” is an area in northern New Mexico that has a rich history of the Spanish who battled over these vast hunting grounds.

These lands were important to the Navajo, Ute and Apache tribes for survival. Eventually the Spanish settled the area.

Soon Fabled tales and legends were told by the locals who migrated along the trade route from Santa Fe to Chama. The tales were of witches, snakes and ghosts that were known to be seen along the route.

These tales were perpetuated by the Archuletta brothers to keep locals from venturing into Yeso Canyon where they hide their rustled cattle.

These legends led to the name of Ghost Ranch, which became a vacation destination for well to do Eastern families.

It also was the home of renowned artist, Georgia O’Keefe.

Now, it is a retreat for people to experience the spirituality and history of this timeless area.

So ya see……if one gazes at the cliffs on a moonlit night, you just might see the shadows of

Los Brujos or spirits dancing through the night.

written by Carlos Washington
Rockin Sh Publishing


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