Western Music Time (21-27 Feb 2024)

New Podcast ! Western Music Time (21-27 Feb 2024) DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time (21-27 Feb 2024)

OJ Sikes
OJ Sikes

fea The Jimmy Wakely Trio, a.k.a. The Rough Riders

Opening theme

Movie Music
The West is in My Soul – Sons of the Pioneers fea in Starrett’s Rio Grande
The Jimmy Wakely Trio
Song of the Sage – solo Jimmy Wakely
Prairie Campfire
Cimarron (Roll On) fea in Roy’s Saga of Death Valley & Gene’s Heart of the Rio Grande
Weary Old Hills – solo Johnny Bond
The Desert in My Soul – solo Dick Reinhart
At the End of the Day – solo Jimmy Wakely
Take Me Back to the Prairie
Bells of Old San Juan
Saddle Serenade
Out on the Open Range
Moon Over the Trail
Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy
There’s a Roundup Ahead for the Cowboys
Way Back in Oklahoma – solo Johnny Bond
Old Western Wind
Apache Trail
Farewell to the Lonely Prairie – solo Scotty Harell
Rocky Mountain Lullaby – solo Jimmy Wakely
Weaning Time – Ben Alexander
The Cowboy Way – Sarah Pierce
Wayfaring Stranger – Peggy Malone
Good for the Bow – The Plainsmen fea Harry Sims

Closing theme


Western Music Time (21-27 Feb 2024)

Western Music Time And More Podcast


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