Western Music Time (12-16 July 2023)

New Podcast ! Western Music Time (12-16 July 2023) DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time (12-16 July 2023) (More Pioneers transcriptions)

Opening theme
When the Prairie Sun Climbs Out of the Hay – Sons of the Pioneers
All Because of You – Sons of the Pioneers
Orthacoustic Transcriptions (1941)
Rise & Shine w Pat Brady
Blue Mountain Sweetheart
Rocky Mountain Express
Hangin’ Blues
Saddle Your Worries to the Wind
Teleways circa 1947
Melody Hill
The Lucky-U Ranch (early 1950s) with Ken Curtis singing lead, Perryman tenor and Doss baritone
There’s a Blue Sky Way Out Yonder – Rex Allen & the Sons of the Pioneers
Lovesong of the Waterfall
Ridin’ Down to Santa Fe
The Lucky-U fea Ken Curtis
Gand Canyon – Ken Curtis & the Lucky-U Ranch Hands
Smoky Bear transcriptions mid-1950s (Warren, Doss & Perryman w Fisher on bass & novelties)
Cowboy Jubilee
Cowpoke – fea Lloyd Peryman
Roundup Time is Over
Open Range Ahead
Biscuit Blues – fea Shug Fisher
Redwood Tree – fea Lloyd Perryman
Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away
Radio work in 1957
Blue Prairie
A Cowboy Has to Sing
Chant of the Wanderer
Ridin’ Home

Closing theme


Western Music Time (12-16 July 2023)

Western Music Time And More Podcast


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