Swinging Country October 30

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

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Friends I have an Awesome Line Up for this week Including a Lot of Classic’s from Legends. We will Swing right out with
Garry Ash
Steve Markwardt
Bobby Mackey
Anita Mackey Schwarber
Carolyn Martin
Next is a Double Shot from Aaron Watson Headlining at The Legendary Coyote Country Store later in the evening.
Following that is My First Spotlight Featured Artist this week Carlos Washington Starting with AWA Award Winning Song followed by A Crowd Favorite as well as one of my Favorites from Carlos and then Carlos will Introduce us to A New Original Song World Radio Premiering on this episode Titled Party On Piedre Lumbre and That Song Begins my Halloween Spooktacular
Next Grouping has a Theme and features The Legends
Jimmy Rogers The Father of Country Music
Hank Williams Sr.
Hank Snow
Marty Robbins
Merle Haggard
WOW you’re gonna Love that!!!
Then It’s a Double Spin from My Second Spotlight Featured Artist Bobby Mackey Followed by A Visit with Bobby and his Wife Denise Mackey Owners of America’s Honky Tonk Bobby Mackey’s World also known as America’s Most Haunted Nightclub!!! Closing it out with his most Recent Single a Ghostly Song that World Radio Premiered on Swinging Country not long ago Looking For Audrey.
Then I have Ghostly tunes from
Alan Jackson
Red Sovine
David Ball
Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush
Followed by
Waylon Jennings
George Jones
Eddie Noac
Next Set will take from Tears to giggles from
Porter Waggoner & Dolly Parton
Willie P. Richardson
Closing out with Classics from
George Morgan
Patsy Montana
Feel Free to share this post with Friends and whoever would Appreciate it. Join the Gang on My Personal Timeline Billy Bowles During the Initial Broadcast for SWING – BACK to Chat Comment Post Pictures etc. Have Fun! Until then Have a Safe Halloween Weekend Remember Not ALL The Demons, Witches & Spooks are Isolated in Washington DC they are everywhere so be safe 🙂 Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—



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