Swinging Country October 01

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL /Swinging Country October 01

Spotlight Featured Artist Rick Norcross.
Howdy Friends this week Swings out the gate with Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition then I’ll Welcome you in. I’ll spin one from Rick Norcross & The Allstars Western Swing Band & Get Rick on the phone with with me to discuss something very unique! And then RE World Radio Premiere one of his songs! How can I RE World Radio Premiere? Because the Song God Bless The Mighty Pickle has been RE Recorded with An Added verse that Changes Everything! And in a Big way. After our visit one more from Rick & The Ramblers that Won AWA Western Swing Song of the year a few years , .
Next Up Clinton Wayne Sturgeon, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano see Um every Tuesday Night @ Rnr Eventmgr RnR Event Center Springtown TX. and JohnnyThen listen to Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Jenni Lyn Rumer, Curt Ryle..
Then there are Two.
more Big Shows left this Season Becky Justice – The Coyote Store Gail TX. we’ll hear from T.G. Sheppard, Johnny Lee, Cathy Jewell, Gene Watson, The Bellamy Brothers, David Frizzell
Next in line More of the 2023 CMA Of Texas Winners Director Mary Minter’s Bringing to Darryl Holland’s The Cactus Theater October 18th &19th Lubbock TX. We’ll hear from George Dearbonne, Bobby Mackey, & Claude Gray, Kristyn Harris Fan Group, Kristyn Harris.
Followed by a Couple of Texas .& Johnny The Late Great Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush and Johnny Rodriguez with a Double Shot.
Next We remember the Late Bobby Flores and Details on his Public Celebration of Life as well as a couple of his great recordings.
Then comes a Triple Dose of Waltzes from Buddie Hrabal, John White, Carolyn Martin Music
Finishing out with a bit of a Theme from Lance Shaw & 419 Swing Band, Gil Prather, Lonnie Spiker.
Feel Free to Share this post as you wish. And Join us each Saturday Morning on My Personal Timeline for S W I N G – B A C K
for Pictures chat & more during Initial Broadcast. Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country October 01



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