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Swinging Country August 12

New Podcast ! Swinging Country August 12 DJ Billy Bowles

SWING POST OFFICIAL – Swinging Country August 12

10: AM- 12: PM CDT USA 🇺🇸 @ KSSLFM.COM

Howdy Y’ALL I’ve got another Music packed episode lined up for this week Swinging out with Keith Phillips Welcoming every one in first grouping has
Eric Diamond
Steve Markwardt
Lance Shaw & 419 Swing Band
Then to Saturday Aug.19 Line up Becky Justice – Ford’s The Coyote Store Gail TX. That Night 3 Great Shows in 1 I’ll spin one From W.G. Banister Will, Mona Vary McCall -THE BROWNSBURG GIRL, Darrell McCall, Ricky Skaggs & Then More Information on the rest of the season.
Kenny Maines
Asleep At The Wheel
Jerry D Hobbs
Lonnie Joe Howell
Bill Anderson
AATW & Leon Rausch
Rick Norcross & The ALL Star Ramblers Western Swing Band
Texacana Mamas
Gary P. Nunn
Hallmark Chuck Cusimano
Austin Van
Donna Overbey
Maines Brothers Jerry Brownlow Vocal
Maines Brothers Kenny Maines Vocial
Larry Johnson
George Strait
Tony Booth
Curtis Potter
Chuck Cusimano
Levi Mullen
And A Double spin from Hee Haw Star Gerald Smith
Finishing out with Inspirational Music from
Cathy Jewell
Craig Murphy
Have Your Pen & Paper ready for any Information that’s of Interest to you!
Join Us on My Timeline for SWING BACK that’s Y O U R Place to comment post pictures ask Questions etc. Chat Join us during the Initial Broadcast and Have some FUN
Until then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—


Swinging Country August 12



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