Outlaw Bodhi Linde – Songs From Dakota [EP]

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Outlaw Bodhi Linde - Songs From Dakota [EP]

Outlaw Bodhi Linde – Songs From Dakota [EP]

Fourteen years old and already a recognized multi-instrumentalist! That’s the raw talent package we find in South Dakota’s ‘Outlaw’ Bodhi Linde. In his bio we’re told his genre comfort zone is expansive. He takes in Western, Country, Delta Blues and even some Punk.
Outlaw Bodhi Linde - Songs From Dakota [EP]
Cover EP Outlaw Bodhi Linde – Songs From Dakota
Linde’s guitar acumen is years ahead of his years, but he also plays keyboards, clarinet and cello along with banjo, mandolin and bass gaining him that “prodigy” label. Furthermore his original songs (yes, that too!) show sophistication and his singing is coming along (the vocal on the ‘Miss Molly’ style Swing track “South Dakota Me Oh My” pulls off key a tad, but we know what was intended). Hearing Linde’s youthful voice singing badman lyrics could leave you feeling you’re listening to Billy The Kid deliver them…if Billy were a guitar phenom, of course. (Author Melody Groves reports Billy did play piano, though)!
Picks on Linde’s eight song EP include the instrumental “Can’t Catch The Outlaw,” “Last One In Dakota” and “I Need To Know.”
It’s a heck of a start and he’s a member of IWMA’s Youth Chapter, so he seems to be where we can keep an eye on him!!
– by Rick Huff


Outlaw Bodhi Linde – Songs From Dakota [EP]

Track list

A Fort Built Strong
Can’t Catch The Outlaw
County Tele
Dirty Water
I need to know what I stand to win
Last one in Dakota
South Dakota me oh my
What he doesn’t understand


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