Love That Country Music February 25

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Love That Country Music February 25

Set List:
Massy Ferguson – Miles Away
Raechel Whitchurch – You Ain’t One Of Us
Sophie & The Broken Things – Churches & Bars
Zephaniah OHora – I Sure Like Your Truck
The Wooks – Mudfish Momma
Wildfire – Ride The Train
The River Arkansas – Squirrel Jam
Sad Daddy – Cold Rain
The HawtThorns – Lets Get Together
The Redlands – Love Ya
THE KERNAL – The Fight Song (feat. Caitlin Rose)
Kimberly Morgan York – Let Me Go
Kyle Shobe & the Walk Em Boys – Out Here
Alan Jackson – Wishful Drinkin’
Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas – Cigarette and Coffee Blues

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Love That Country Music February 25

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