Love That Country Music August 19

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Love That Country Music August 19

Set List:
Vandoliers – The Lighthouse
Blue Dogs – Big Dreamers
Fretland – Have Another Beer
Jack Settle – Make You Mine
Over The Moon – Lonesome Bluebird
Kristy Cox – I’m Not Built That Way
Angel Olsen – Big Time
Noel McKay – You Oughta Write a Song About That
Kelsey Waldon – Tall and Mighty
Ian Noe – River Fool
Catherine Britt – The Original Sin
Sammy Guns – I’m Doing Fine
Bobby Mackey – Let Me Drink About It
Joedi Silvers – Honky Tonk Night
Stacy Antonel – Texas Lasts Forever
John Christopher Treacy – Wagon Wheel

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Love That Country Music August 19

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