KC LaCourse – Drovers Tributes and Heartbreak

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", KC LaCourse - Drovers, Tributes and Heartbreak

KC LaCourse – Drovers, Tributes and Heartbreak, The promotional copy of this varied collection marks a first for me. It came with an attached thumb drive (pictured) encouraging instant upload by DJs. Interesting thinking! Of course cowboy poet KC LaCourse is no newcomer to “interesting thinking.” With it she is able to write persuasively from personal history and observation. In fact the release contains a concise flier that states and shows inspirations for the various works.
LaCourse’s delivery is animated and lively but never over the top. The pedigree for the collection perhaps could be said to rest with her award-winning tribute to her friend, the late Dawn Anita, entitled “Meetin’ An Old Friend.” Picks this time include LaCourse’s salute to fellow poet Susie Knight called “The Real Deal,” “The Legend of Bobby Blue,” “Tumbleweed,” “Followin’ The Sun,” “The Ghost,” “Another Day” and “From My Window.” The collection closes with a “bonus track” song co-written by LaCourse with Australian songster Warren Beatty who also performs it.
Twenty tracks, recommended.
CD: (for info see m.facebook.com/kclacourse)
– by Rick Huff



KC LaCourse – Drovers Tributes and Heartbreak


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