Jared Rogerson – Where I Can Be Me

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",Jared Rogerson - Where I Can Be Me

Jared Rogerson – Where I Can Be Me

With Jared Rogerson’s “Where I Can Be Me” he’s where he can be him, and it’s nice to have him back again! Make no mistake, Rogerson’s ‘Western’ comes with teeth. Lyrically, in songs such as “Cadillac Cowboy,” sharp ones. That particular CD pick was co-written with Nate Curry, BTW.
Jared Rogerson - Where I Can Be Me
Cover CD Jared Rogerson – Where I Can Be Me
Rogerson is no acoustic cowboy. His styling is Hot Country but, for my ear, the rockier elements are used in a way that promotes emotion and momentum without ruling the day. Other picks among his originals are his ‘trapped-in-the-city-&-dreaming-of-out-there’ title track and two cowrites with Venessa Carpenter “Time Spent In The Saddle” and “Busy Breakin’ Bones.” Picks among the covers include Brenn Hill’s song of differing addictions “Drinkin’ The Hard Stuff Again” and John Griffin & Parker Kuhn’s “Sorry For This Goodbye.” There’s not a single specific Western reference in that one, but you would be hard-pressed to find a more heart-rending result of a cowboy’s unfathomable need to move on.
High production values and, of course, Jared Rogerson’s consistent professionalism make this one a winner for fans of the Country with Western mix. Twelve tracks, highly recommended.
CD: (available through jaredrogerson.com or Roughstock Records, PO Box 2071, Pinedale, WY 82941)
– by Rick Huff


Jared Rogerson – Where I Can Be Me

Track list

Moonshine Love (2:48)
I’m Not Alright (3:08)
Cadillac Cowboy (2:56)
Diamond in the Ditch (3:47)
Drinkin’ the Hard Stuff Again (2:40)
Time Spent in the Saddle (3:55)
It Won’t Be Me (3:25)
Every Memory Now Has You (2:55)
Busy Breakin’ Bones (3:18)
Sorry for This Goodbye (2:59)
Where I Can Be Me (3:50)
Side of the Road (3:54)


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