Hawkshaw Hawkins

The Porter Wagoner Show Guest Hawkshaw Hawkins 1961

The Porter Wagoner Show Hawkshaw Hawkins!.The Porter Wagoner Show was a syndicated musical variety show filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1961 to 1980. It was one of the longest running, most influential, and most successful country music television shows...

Hawkshaw Hawkins – Lonesome 7-7203

Hawkshaw Hawkins - Lonesome 7-7203 Is a 1963 single by Hawkshaw Hawkins, written by Justin Tubb. It was the final single release of his career, released in 1963 on the King label. Was Hawkins's first chart entry since "Soldier's Joy" in...
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Sonny James – It’s the Little Things

Sonny James - It's the Little Things, is a 1967 single by Sonny James. "It's the Little Things" was...
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