Swinging Country Dec 19

Swinging Country , DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans It’s not News that 2020 has been a Horrible Year for almost everyone! Without question Never to be forgotten! This year I sadly began with Three Memorial Tributes from this past week Two being personal friends and a National Treasure & Country Music Icon! As usual I start the program Swinging and chose a original song from Steve Markwardt as the Tribute begins for Mark Abbott. Followed by two tunes recorded by Mark. My commentary in remembrance. Next we Remember and Honor a True Country Music Icon Charley Pride ironically with three of his Christmas recordings. Next is another personal friend David McVicker Native of Muleshoe TX resident of Slaton TX. Songs for his memory include a Big Band Tune from Johnny Angel, one from Peggie Nora, and a Mutual friend of his and mine Kenny Maines.
From there onto a Happier note as I send out Birthday Wishes to Linda & Rosa Servin Twins and Big Fans of Swinging Country! Just Turned 12 and been Fans about a 1/3 of there lives!!! Two tunes one by Peggie Nora one from Jose Feliciano

Then the next grouping has Wade Benson Landry, – Penny Gilley, – Jerry Webb.
The next grouping is Western Swing Rules Band, Kevin Williams Vocal, – Lisa Layne, – Bill Weaver.
Followed by Songs proving Christmas isn’t the same for ALL. Coming to us from Dawn Anita, Billy O’Rourke, Darrell McCall.
Then to really Tug at your Heartstrings hear from Skip Ewing, Gary P. Nunn, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano..
Then out on the Prairie tunes from Bob Wills / Tommy Duncan ,- Barry Ward, – Gary P. Nunn.
Lighten the mood with Joe Paul Nichols, Bob Wills, Tommy Hooker.
Closing out with Four tunes from The Late Great Dickey Overby and Bobby Flores from their Christmas Instrumental CD Christmas In Ole San Antone. And once again out of time.
Sorry for late posting busy week I assure you. Join Dena Wood and I on MY Personal Facebook Timeline Billy Bowles during the Broadcast on SWING – BACK for Fun and Conversation Pictures and more! CHIME IN WITH US 🙂 Till Then May God Bless You and Your’s 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—




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