Steve Cormier – Wichita – Albuquerque – Silver City

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews ", Steve Cormier - Wichita – Albuquerque – Silver City

Steve Cormier – Wichita – Albuquerque – Silver City, That’s where it was recorded. Simple. Direct. Pretty much like its performer.
Steve Cormier - Wichita – Albuquerque – Silver City
Cover CD Steve Cormier – Witchita-Albuquerque-Silver City
This material isn’t all shiny and buffed. Balladeer/historian Steve Cormier’s newest collection has a raw singalong feel at certain times and provides a “soundbite from around the campfire” effect at others. Cormier’s originals (and picks) this time are “Belle Of The Black Range,” “Doc Bar and Hancock” “Sally Rooke” and “Closing The Bar” which features appropriate barroom piano licks provided by Dick Orr. Covers (and picks) are Mark Ross’ “Bill Pickett,” Woody Guthrie’s version of “Gypsy Davey,” James Grafton Rogers’ “Santa Fe Trail” and (likely) Frank H. Maynard’s “Streets Of Laredo.”
You’ll hear of artists like Cormier who are “known or treasured by those who know,” or who are fit to be on any list that might also include Glenn Ohrlin or The Gillette Brothers! Okay, that part is my own assessment. But unarguably such artists become a good deal more than mere Keepers Of The Flame. They are valuable promoters of our genre’s origins and explorers of the continued worthiness to be found therein. If that’s too heady, just remember Steve Cormier is a good ride, “traditionally” speaking.
Twelve tracks, recommended.

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Steve Cormier – Wichita – Albuquerque – Silver City


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