R. J. Vandygriff – We Were Cowboys

New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews",R. J. Vandygriff - We Were Cowboys

R. J. Vandygriff – We Were Cowboys

It’s been a spell comin,’ but by gawd there’s a new one in from R. J. Vandygriff!
R. J. Vandygriff - We Were Cowboys
Cover CD R.J. Vandygriff – We Were Cowboys
The star of the one-man show “The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet,” as ‘Joe Cowboy’ Vandygriff has entertained and spread the good Western word across the country after an extended onstage residency with it in Branson a ways back. Here he and twenty-five contributors to various tracks have wrangled another solid Western winner in a mix of original songs and covers. As a songwriter, R.J. understands how to mix Cowboy with universal human messages of feelings and interactions. Believe it or not, that seems to be a rare attribute.
Picks among the originals include “Montana Cowboy,” “A Cowboy’s Promise,” “Friend” and “Keep The Campfire a’Burnin’.” From the covers we’ll name Roy Robinson’s modern classic “A Cowboy’s Song,” the title track “We Were Cowboys” by Chuck Cusimano and a particularly nice take of Alex (“Delta Dawn”) Harvey & Tim Ryan Roullier’s “Goodbye To Montana.” It’s arguably the best since Tim Ryan’s initial release of it. Twelve tracks, highly recommended.

CD: (available through cowboyaintdeadyetmusic.com)

– by Rick Huff


R. J. Vandygriff – We Were Cowboys

Track List List

1 – Montana Cowboy
2 – A Cowboy’s Promise
3 – The Cowboy’s Song
4 – Hellbent For Leather
5 – Say Goodbye To Montana
6 – Friend
7 – Someday Soon
8 – Since John Wayne Died
9 – Cowboy Philosopher
10 – This Cowboy Life
11 – Keep the Campfire a Burninʼ
12 – We Were Cowboys


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