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New Review by Rick Huff " Best of the West Reviews", Lynn Miles - tumbleWeedyWorld

Lynn Miles – tumbleWeedyWorld

Lynn Miles - tumbleWeedyWorld
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Lynn Miles’ unique CD title is part of a line found in her song “Palomino Pal.” Many other Western references are peppered through her all-acoustic album tracks. By effect the Juno Award and multiple Canadian Folk Music Award-winning artist basically hangs in a Western framework as she displays many pictures. Her dedicated coterie of fans would tell you this shouldn’t come as news, but they admit Miles is a seriously underappreciated treasure.
Make no mistake. These are fine songs, as in “fine art” and “fine china.” This is true in their construction, their execution and their arrangement. Then there’s her voice…at once sweet, compelling and expressive. As album picks, we’ll name the aforementioned “Palomino Pal,” “Night Owl,” “Hwy 105,” “Johnny Without June” and “Cold Cold Moon,” but the complete product is highly listenable and, yes, even dance-able!
Lynn Miles is firmly in control of her art and we are the beneficiaries. Ten tracks, very highly recommended.

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by Rick Huff



Lynn Miles – tumbleWeedyWorld

Track List List:

01. Night Owl (4:20)
02. Hwy 105 (3:46)
03. Cold Cold Moon (5:12)
04. Johnny Without June (4:09)
05. Hide Your Heart (2:24)
06. Sorry’s Just Not Good Enough (3:15)
07. Palomino (3:34)
08. All Bitter Never Sweet (2.17)
09. Moody (3:47)
10. Gold in the Middle (3:57)
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