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New Podcast ! Love That Country Music July 07 DJ Oscar Martinez



Love That Country Music July 07

Set List:
Caitlin Rose – Getting It Right
Julie Jurgens – My Winding Wheel
The Americans – Give Way
Rodeo FM – Listening To Country
Laney Lou & the Bird Dogs – Give it Up
Jefferson Ross – The Nashville Neon Waltz
Erin Enderlin – Livin’ For Today
Rose Vaughn – Better Parts of Me
Branden Martin – Warm Glass of Whiskey
Karen Jonas – Lay Me Down
Melonie Cannon – If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right) feat. Vince Gill
Summer Dean – I’ll Forget Again Tomorrow
Olivia Ellen Lloyd – Excuse Yourself
Cris Mantello – The Honky Tonks Are Closed
Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints – Feelin’ Low
Theo Lawrence – Liquor And Love

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Love That Country Music July 07

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